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#CareerCorner at NDLI : From the WSJ, Tips on Navigating, Staying Productive in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

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A lot of people have had their typical workday upended courtesy of the pandemic, and have had to develop new habits for the job. Whether that’s due to working remotely or just struggling to adapt to the new in-person rules, the fact is many people are feeling out of sorts in the workplace.

As recently discussed by Allison Pohle of the Wall Street Journal, there are absolutely ways to combat that feeling. It might require reevaluating some routines that have served you well for years, but if you’re feeling like you’re in a slump, maybe it’s time for something new.

Plan Out Your Day

Especially for those who work remotely, it can become easy to procrastinate on important tasks. Worse yet, putting an assignment off can cause it to bleed over into your personal time making it feel like you’re never off the clock.


Even something as simple as making a list of what you need to accomplish for the day can help you organize your time better. Estimate how long you’ll need to complete a task and budget out time in your schedule to work specifically on that. Having a plan will help you get more done than picking your tasks based on impulse.

Make Time for Others

This might sound tough given current circumstances, but even virtually it’s important to connect with others. Plenty of people like to just show up and get their work done, and it’s fair to not want to have your job become your whole life.

However, social time is more than just an opportunity to make friends with coworkers. It’s also an unofficial opportunity to network. Staying in the loop with your colleagues could help you get wind of an opportunity for promotion or other career benefits. You might not be able to go to lunch with colleagues right now, but many companies still have virtual social events. Make sure you aren’t isolating yourself from getting to know others.

Remember Your Priorities

Sometimes we get so stuck in the day-to-day that we lose sight of the big picture. Consider what drew you to your current job in the first place, and why you were passionate about it. What is it you wanted to achieve by being with this particular company? Evaluating your spot and determining what it is you are currently working towards can help reignite your drive in your daily routine.

The modern workplace has a lot of unknown variables for everyone. Demystifying that process is the first step to feeling confident in your position again.

For more tips on dealing with the modern workplace, take a look at the Wall Street Journal’s article by clicking here.
















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