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State Bank Of India mein Junior Associates bharti, 8 hazaar se zaayad assamiyan, Urdu jannewalon ko khusoosi mauqa- Last date of applicatio is 3rd May,2019

                                                 Source: IANQUILAB-30th April,2019

Duniya ka mushkil tareen muqabla jeet kar meine ye seekha k..........

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'Muqabla jati imtehan ki tayyari hai, Scholarship ke imtehanaat'

                                              Source: ROZNAMA SAHARA-30th April,2019

Barhveen Arts ke baad kya karen?

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Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girl's English Primary School

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Stubborn ills could kill 10mn by ’50

 Source: DNA-30th April,2019

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Top Library Users:

IEEE Xplore

 1.Aligning IP Strategy within Business Webinar

Register now to join an exclusive, 30-minute webinar to learn how to bridge the gap between business and R&D strategy, to better align your IP. See the importance of raising business awareness and corporate strategy awareness within R&D, business teams and other sectors of the corporation.
Speaker: Saumya Sharma, IEEE Volunteer - Nanotechnology Council and Advisory Engineer at IBM Research
Moderator: Collin D’mello, International Area Manager, IEEE

2.Modernizing the Smart Grid
Coming soon from IEEE, Modernizing the Smart Grid is a four-course program designed to get you and your team up-to-date quickly on the latest smart grid technologies. Course titles include:
■ Strong Grid Before Smart Grid
■ Smart Distribution Systems
■ The Digitized Grid
■ Engaging Consumers in the Smart Grid Marketplace
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 3.Playing Smart: On Games, Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence
Topics: Computing and Processing ; Components, Circuits, Devices and Systems ; General Topics for Engineers

4.IEEE Spectrum Magazine, the flagship publication of the IEEE, explores the development, applications and implications of new technologies.
Recent issue of IEEE Spectrum explores the top tech cars

Advances in robotics and prosthetics have given people who have lost a limb greater mobility. New research in electronic skin, or e-skin, could soon give them the sense of touch.

CET che hall ticket vidyarthyanchya login madhey

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kuch aise kaarobaar jo aap apne dam par shuru kar sakte ahin

Source: INQUILAB-22nd April,2019

Aap ye kyon sochte hain k aap hi sahi hain, jab k aap galat bhi ho sakte hain

Source: INQUILAB-22nd April,2019

Indian Maritime Umiversity ke ehtemaam marine Engg.,Nautical Science, MBA wa BBA program munaqqid kiye jate hain

Talba chuttiyon mein apne fazil waqt ka sahi istemaal karen!

Jaddo Jahad aur saei peham ki amali tasveer

Pilots aur Air hostess ke alawah bhi fizaiya mein behtareen career ke mauaquey

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New Arrival Journals

Chand munfarid karobaar jo kam sarmaye se shuru kiye ja sakte hain

Source: INQUILAB-15th April,2019

Caste and Management Accountancy ( CAM): Ek aham professional course

Rehnumayi baraaye scholarship

IIT courses mein career ke mawaqey

Kya hamare talba muqabla jati imtehanaat ke liye tayyar hain? Qaumi satah par darja naham mein zere taleem muslim talba ke liye National minority Talent search imtehaan (NMTSE)2019

Qabile Taqleed: Mamta Patel paon se likh kar imtehan de rahi hai

Cancer ki shikaar 10 saala bachchi ne hospital ke kamre mein company qayam kar ke kai zindagiyan badal dee

Source:INQUILAB-13th April,2019

Anjuman-I-Islam aur Saudi Arab ke mabeen exchange program ke tahat taleem ko farog dene ki koshish

Source: INQUILAB-13th April,2019

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Genius! Husband Invents ‘Toilet Bed’ For Ailing Wife, Wins National Innovation Prize

Source: https://www.thebetterindia.com/176465/tamil-nadu-man-invents-remote-controlled-toilet-bed-wins-national-innovation-price/

A welder by profession, it was not very difficult for Saravanamuthu to create the bed. The invention worked, and his wife was saved from the embarrassment of soliciting the aid of others.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions.’
This phrase could not have been more relevant in S. Saravanamuthu’s life. In 2014, his wife Krishnammal was bedridden for three months after a surgery rendering her dependent on her family for even the smallest everyday tasks.

Both of them felt helpless. So, 40-year-old Saravanamuthu developed a bed with an attached toilet pot that helps a patient relieve herself without anyone’s assistance.

S. Saravanamuthu invented remote control toilet bed for his wife that won him the National Innovation Prize

Speaking to The Better India (TBI), the resident of Tamil Nadu’s Thalavaipuram, Saravanamuthu says,
It was very difficult for my wife to depend on people, something she has never done in her life. She preferred controlling herself over asking for people’s help. This was affecting her health, so I decided to make a bed with a provision of a toilet.
A welder by profession, it was not very difficult for Saravanamuthu to create the bed. The invention worked, and his wife was saved from the embarrassment of soliciting the aid of others.
How the Remote-Controlled Toilet Bed works

The cot is fitted with a 12 V battery to operate two gear motors for moving the attached toilet pot vertically and sideways. He has also incorporated a remote-controlled flushing system for the pot, which makes it easy for the user to flush after use.

The remote-controlled flushing system for the pot makes it easy for the user to flush after use

It comes with a flush tank, a closet and a pipe connected to the septic tank. The patient can operate the toilet with the help of a remote. The buttons help them open the shutter and the closet as well as flushing the toilet.
From A Labourer to a National Innovation Prize Winner
After a regional newspaper wrote about his invention, Saravanamuthu got his first order in 2015 from a man in Chennai whose mother had been bedridden for six years. Gradually, as word got around, the requests for his invention increased.
However, being an uneducated daily-wage labourer, and a lack of confidence, stopped him from continuing with making the beds. Besides, he did not have that kind of financial resources.
“When I told people about a demand for a similar bed in Chennai, they didn’t take me seriously. While some people ridiculed me, some of my family members encouraged me,” says Saravanamuthu. Nonetheless, he asked the Chennai man for advance and sent the bed to him.
Finally, a few months later, he got an opportunity to speak to the former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, who motivated him to apply for the National Innovation Foundation, a government undertaking that helps strengthen technological innovations at the grassroots level.
The man applied and against his expectations, he won!

He received a trophy, a certificate and Rs 2 lakh from President Ram Nath Kovind along with a reimbursement of Rs 35,000 for making the prototype.

Saravanamuthu with his family

So, has life changed after the recognition and commendations from the President of India?
“Not really,” says Saravanamuthu. “The only difference is that my fellow villagers have started taking me more seriously. The ones who criticised earlier are now treating me with respect.”
Since he won the award, he has been receiving orders from across the country with over 350 requests from Chennai alone. But due to financial constraints, he is not accepting further orders.

He received the prize and Rs 2 lakh from President Ram Nath Kovind

I am still a daily wage labourer, and getting that kind of money at once is still difficult. Financial help would make a lot of difference, he says.
Regarding his future goals, he says, “I have two goals – make a fuel-free car and become a role model for my children.” Saravanamuthu has already started working on making an emission-less car and hopes to complete his project soon.
Despite having received no formal education or training, facing criticism from villagers and lack of financial resources, Saravanamuthu managed to carve out his niche. It is people like him who prove that the only thing required on the road to success is hard work.

For the people who ever thought their idea or creation is insignificant, my advice would be never to give up. I failed multiple times before making the right prototype for my wife. Had I given up because of external factors, my wife would have continued to be embarrassed. There is no alternative to hard work, says Saravanamuthu.
As we end the telephonic conversation with Saravanamuthu, he gives his parting message and says, “Congratulations in advance to all those who are planning to create something on their own!”
To know more about his invention, you can call S.Saravanamuthu on this number: 9585475039
Edited By Saiqua Sultan

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Shafqat Aamna aur mashriqui aur maghribi Champaran ki pehli muslim khatoon IAS, Motihaari mein jashn

Source: INQUILAB-8th April,2019

Chote paimane ke karobaariyon ke liye kuch aham batein

Source: INQUILAB-8th April,2019

Mulazimat ki talaash mein madadgaar 6 batein

Source: INQUILAB-8th April,2019

Zindagi mein khushi aur kamyabi ke liye ye batein aham hain

Source: INQUILAB-8th April,2019

Domestic pharma firms continue to recall drugs - Aurobindo Pharma, Macleods Pharma, Hetero Labs and Lupin have recalled drugs

Poetry on canvas - Akara Art kick-starts its 10-year celebrations by showcasing rare works of Amrita Sher-Gil

Imtehanaat ke baad talba ki masrufiyat ke chand kaar aamad courses

Kya app bhi logon ke liye misali banna chahte hain?