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Playback is an online radio service that lets you listen to songs that were popular from the last 116 years. You can browse its song database by decade (10s, 20s, 30s...) followed by the specific year of choice. For instance, to play the 1972 playlist, click on “70s“ and then the year “1972“. Playback loads the top 100 (or 50) songs, from YouTube, within its own player and you get basic controls to playpause and skip tracks. On the downside, there is no option to shuffle the playlist ­ all songs are played in sequence. You also get to learn fun trivia and take music-related quizzes here. Don't forget to visit the “#1 On your B-day“ page to find out what song was on the number one spot on your
Photopea is a handy photo editor that you can use to crop, resize and rotate photographs without installing any software on your PC. It also comes with additional controls that let you adjust individual colour levels, apply filters to add blur, noise or sharpen, lets you work on an image in “layers“, use a cloning feature and includes a “History“ tool so you can undo multiple changes with a single click. What's more, Photopea lets you work with files created in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and Gimp (XCF), save work to other popular image formats ­ including PNG, JPEG, GIF and ICO ­ and also responds to keyboard
Jigsaw Planet
Jigsaw Planet is home to well over a hundred puzzles. They can be browsed by popularity and searched with the help of tags like animals, children, landscape, flowers, etc. To solve a puzzle, just click and drag a piece toward its match and they will snap into place. You can change the difficulty level by choosing the number of pieces you want to assemble. You can participate in contests ­ if you register with the website ­ and create your own jigsaw as well. For the latter, you have to click the Create button, upload a picture, choose a difficulty level (EasyHard) and enter tags for easier search. The jigsaws can be shared with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and embedded on your website as
Sharing photographs that have been posted online, via email or WhatsApp, involves multiple steps. Enter, Kwilt: an app that lets you connect to your online accounts ­ like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Photos, OneDrive, etc ­ and share pictures with minimum hassle. Once you register for this service, you have to sign in to your online profiles and allow the app to access your albums.Kwilt does not store your snapshots or save them locally on your handset; it loads images whenever you choose to view the albums. When you want to share an Instagram photo over WhatsApp, just choose to launch Kwilt and tap on the cloud icon (Photo Source) to locate the image. Alternatively, you can filter through all the photographs online and offline ­ by time and location. The process is the same while attaching files with any other app. Plus, Kwilt lets you send pictures to your friends in Facebook Messenger without leaving the app. The iOS version also includes a photo-editing feature that lets you apply filter effects, remove red eye, blemishes and more.Android, iOS | Free
Encryptr is a safety vault for sensitive information like passwords, credit card data and access codes. When you register via the app, it encrypts your account's passphrase with a 256-bit cipher to deter hacking attempts. Additionally, data is not stored on your smartphone; it is saved in an encrypted format on its servers over a secure SSL network connection. All encryptiondecryption is done by the app on the handset itself. Encryptr sports an intuitive user interface: Tap the plus sign to add credit card details, web login details (such as username, password, website) and personal notes.When you want to log in to a website, longpress or double tap the password field to copy it to the clipboard. Next, you need to paste the passcode into the respective field in the web page. Your password is not displayed in plain text throughout this process, so you can safely log in to your account even in public spaces. Encryptr requires a data connection to load your credentials, but it is light on system resources and lets you install and sign in to multiple devices simultaneously.Android, iOS | Free
Color Glide
In this puzzle game, you have to move blocks into holes of the same colour.However, these objects are placed in a maze, so the path isn't always straightforward. It gets tricky when there is more than one block because whenever you move one block, the others “glide“ in the same direction. You must follow a particular sequence before slotting each to their respective holes. When two dissimilar blocks collide, they combine to form a new colour.
For instance, a blue and yellow square will create a green one. But if there aren't any green holes in the maze then you will have to replay the level. Also, you have to complete the level within a certain number of moves.Doing so earns you gems, which you can use to unlock additional levels later. It gets even more challenging when more colours are introduced. And as you progress, you will get walls in the maze that behave differently with certain blocks and “death“ holes that destroy squares. Color Glide sports a simple design with over 30 brainteasing levels that will keep you occupied for quite a while.Android, iOS | Free
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 Source: THE TIMES OF INDIA-12th January,2017