Friday, 20 April 2018

Do not sell medicines without prescriptions, pharmacies told

CHENNAI: A week after three pharmacists in Chintadripetwere detained for selling cough syrup without prescription, the police have issued a notice to not to sell drugs without proper prescription.

This comes after the police found that many accused of snatching chains often consumed such cough syrup before committing an offence. Owners of gymnasiums in the city were also asked not to prescribe weight loss or weight gain supplements on their own.
A meeting in Vadapalani on Monday, which was organised by assistant commissioner G Shankar and inspector Chandru, was attended by 75 pharmacists and 25 gym owners.
Information about the Chintadripet incident, where three medical shop owners were booked for allegedly selling a particular brand of cough syrup without doctors’ prescription, had been passed on to the police by a habitual offender. He said he was addicted to a particular cough syrup and consumed it before committing a crime. This syrup seemed to help such offenders stay “focused,” a police officer said.

During the meeting, police officers said pharmacists should collect a copy of the prescription and make proper entry of people who come to buy medicine. They should also keep an eye on those who buy medicines of a particular brand in large numbers. In case of any suspicion, they should seek the help of the police.
Following the death of a man in Thirumullaivoyal who died after consuming a herbal concoction, the police have advised gym owners not to prescribe supplements on their own.

“They sometimes go by what the manufacturer say about the product to register good sales. We asked them not to suggest any such supplements without knowing the side effects,” said a senior police officer.